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“Jazz is the liberty of having a lot of forms.” This quotation by Duke Ellington is proverbial programme of YUKO & JOEY. In terms of style, the compositions by Eric Fisher and the careful arranged jazz standards draw on the diversity and variety of the world of jazz. One of the most important attributes of this chamber jazz duo is the musical interaction in the themes and the improvised parts. Both players are also interested to work out various dynamics and colours of sounds, that is to say playing in the lowest and highest registers of their instruments, muted and bowed sounds. YUKO & JOEY is an exclusive listening experience and presents “good vibes” to the audience.

Yuko Ohzu,
Eric Fisher “Joey Oz”,


Concert dates



Vibrolino Song – YUKO & JOEY

Tango Habanero – YUKO & JOEY

Eric’s Kazoo Schottisch – YUKO & JOEY


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